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Book Publicity: Strategies to Get More Media Coverage for Your Book

You must have seen journalists working on the TV talking about books. And then, you probably have seen a book being featured on a talk show with the author sitting on round tables sharing the complete journey. Or yes, seeing authors talking about the book they took months to write is nothing new. 

But, do we know how this all happens? How we make it to the final round, where everything seems to be phenomenal and fluent.

Let me tell you one of the secrets, it’s that media coverage never falls into the laps of authors. Instead, they have to be either well known, or quite popular to be a part of the industry.

In this blog, we will discuss the ways through which we can do the publicity of the book, and the quick strategies for getting maximum media coverage in the desired way possible! 

But remember, you don’t have to lose patience & stay updated with the results! Things might sound a bit off, but eventually after some time it will help you in conquering the task.

Let’s first know what is book publicity?

Book publicity is technically anything that leads to more people knowing about your book intent,and context! For instance, posting about the book on LinkedIn will create awareness, and it’s a great way to let people know about your book.

A lot of people use the term book publicity when they’re referring to the publicity from the medium, and influencers who are associated with a pre-existing audience.

And the major media coverage is a powerful tool for getting the book published and receiving more coverage from the media. Finding the readers, and boosting the interest is the utmost goal. It’s a powerful way for authors to build their persona, and earn more credibility.

Here we’ll discuss those amazing credibilities, to get your book covered by the media so let’s get started! 

  1. Start By Creating A Media Kit

So, if you’re planning to reach the media panel, then definitely you would require an author media kit.

Media professionals are capable of getting a ton of pitches every single day! Even to stand out in the market with diverse competition, you definitely have to capture the attention of everyone. You need to look like a pro otherwise, things will go out of control.

And luckily, if a media outlet decides to feature a book, then the media kit will be the collection for the resources, which they can utilize for performing the activities efficiently. The more active you’re with the media panelist, the more you can conquer and bring on with the activities.

Your media kit would include:

  1. Your book cover
  2. Author photos
  3. A pdf of your book
  4. A List of key ideas
  5. Your author bio, website’s details and other important facts
  6. A trailer of your book
  7. Social media sample posts
  8. A press release

2. Proceed Further With A Book Trailer

You know, there is one more thing which you can do to attract the media panel and that’s creating a book trailer. Media people are always interested in great ideas and it’s your task to sell your book in the right way. Making the people feel interested in buying your book is their ultimate goal.

A book trailer will give you an opportunity for showcasing the talent and making it one of the best professional platforms. Unless you succeed in making videos regularly, this will mean nothing but requires professional help and assistance.

Suppose yourself as the start of the book trailer, and plan everything in your way! Your book is the tool which you want to sell and a successful railer will help you in getting more attention.

You can use authentic voice over for getting the work done, and remember the more unique your content is, the more appealing you will be! 

3. Sharing About The Media Panel You’ve Linked Previously

Thirdly, we have another most important thing and that is to share the experience with existing brands that are linked with the media panel. 

Social media is like a spin ball, the more you play with it the more value it will produce for you. Here are the list of some of the most important things which you can market to the media panel:

  1. LinkedIn Profiles
  2. Social Media Profile Link
  3. Website URL

These are some of the things that you should keep in mind when it comes to book publicity. However, if you still want to proceed further then keep on reading unfolding more book publicity ideas.

  1. Reach Out More Audience With Guest Posting

When you want the media channels to reach you out then don’t just think in a single way, that is to start with the audience reaching, and more aligned with other things. 

Don’t think about the media outlets but move further with more details as well. Like, how can you exceed further with exciting points, and elements. Have you ever heard about outreaching, and guest posting? 

You just can not rely on doing on-site blog posts where you are publishing the detailed insights of the book. However, you can start with guest posting as well.

Guest posting is a win-win situation where you’re outreaching new people, and want to create a better insight by outreaching more audience and creating values. 

Because of the quick pace of digital marketing, and bloggers who’re taking part in the content side. It’s very important to learn about the strategies through which you can share guest posts written by different writers on the shared space. 

Strategise the way you can work for the companies like, if you are posting a guest post regarding your book on anyone’s website their audience will get to know about you.

Also, when you’re pitching something ensure that the website you’re posting for is familiar with the niche you’re following. You can’t just write anything, and post to any irrelevant website without any direct link.

  1. Podcasting Are The Essentials For Book Publicity

Just like blogs, there are other things which you should keep in mind when it comes to publishing articles and blogs that are related to the ebook related posting. 

You can research about podcasting, and how the marketers publish them before their final pitch. Ensure that your target audience is visiting the channels where you’re planning to share the podcasts.

Also, we can give you a quick tip on podcasting where you can learn more about making things feasible in a fluent way.

  1. Utilize Google for reverse engineering. Search for the terms that target your book audience, while looking for podcasts. 
  2. Also look for the ways in which the author can post about themselves and their journey sharing bits about their books as well.

Podcasts are growing very widely these days, and everyone wants to exceed in the phase of marketing and making things more feasible. So, in this way, you can learn about the ways through which you can grow and make your book noted in the eyes of a media panelist. 

6. Taking The Help From Professionals

Last, but not the least, never underestimate the power of professionals who are already leading the industry and winning the associations. There are different authors who write about nonfiction and fiction books that advance the career of their readers. In fact, the media loves to capture the journey of such authors and show the transition in their career path.

The professionals of the field will always give priority to the result oriented approach that leads to extensive research and outcomes. You can learn this through different websites, newsletters, and Facebook groups etc.

Also, when you’re approaching anyone you can reach them with a long-term mindset. You can try to cultivate a lasting relationship with the media contacts in your network and see how they can help you with the book publishing. Once you’ve succeeded in finding it then you’re all good to go with it.

Even if you failed in finding one you can use LinkedIn or Google for searching the professionals who’re leading in the field of media and know how you can make things seamless for the publicity. 

You can always reach the digital magazines for your book publishing and see the wonderful results yourself. Many magazines have the capacity to post about the ebooks, and make the readers know about the genre. Also, you can have a rise in the book publishing phase in the coming few years.

A lot of people would be putting efforts on the entrepreneurial side, and posting about their achievement in the magazine. These will always help you cage the audience, and build their interest towards your ebook blog posts.

Wrapping Up | Book Publicity Strategies

And that’s all for the day! Publishing a book is itself a very big task, and requires reflexive thinking along with a constantly changing mindset to bring more value to the audience. Bringing attention to the audience is the core responsibility of the marketers, and it’s not associated with any product you’re planning to work on. Whether it’s a book blog post, or something else you need to keep things very properly aligned and strategized.

We tried to mention the top quick ways through which you can implement the book publicity phase, and see how things can follow on your end. If you still have some questions in mind feel free to share in the comments section.

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